At the Islamic College of SA the policies of the college support the everyday well-being of students, parents and teachers. Policies ensure that accountability and compliances are all upheld to the highest degree in an equitable manner. Please view our policies.

Behaviour management

The Islamic College of South Australia has the following expectations for all students:

While meeting these expectations, students also have the right to expect courtesy, fairness, respect and excellence in teaching.

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Community Behaviour Expectations - Code of Conduct

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This College Community Code of Conduct sets clear standards of behaviour which are expected of members of the College Community in the College environment or when attending any College related function or activity at any other location.

Community Behaviour Expectations Booklet


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The Islamic College of South Australia does not tolerate bullying in any form. All members of the School Community are committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment which promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem for all. The consequences of unacceptable behaviour are clearly stated in the Behaviour Management Policy.

The college believes that the process of dealing with bullying/harassment is critical for positive learning outcomes for all students involved. The process involves listening to the students involved, looking to the future, placing no blame. It is non-punitive. We try to reach an attitude of Shared Concern with both the bully and the bullied.

Shared Concern is about:

Student & staff protection

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At the Islamic College of South Australia we are committed to the safety and well-being of all students accessing our service. We support the rights of the student and aim to ensure that a safe environment is maintained at all times. We also support the rights and well-being of our staff and volunteers and encourage their active participation in building and maintaining a secure environment for all participants.


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The Islamic College of South Australia recognizes that drug issues exist within the South Australian community, and therefore incidents involving drugs might also occur in schools. There is no place for illicit and unsanctioned drug use in schools. In keeping with national and state policy and associated research, the college takes a position of harm minimization in relation to the management of suspected drug-related incidents.

Our goal in managing any suspected drug-related incident is to ensure the well-being and future educational careers of the student/s involved, the whole student community and staff.

As a place of learning for young people, the college aims to ensure that its management of drug incidents is educative so that students can learn from the consequences of poor decisions and /or inappropriate behaviour.


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At the Islamic College of South Australia we encourage students to research relevant resources by accessing the Internet. It is our policy that computer and Internet use be in support of education and research and consistent with educational objectives. Students are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette. In the event of inappropriate use consequences are clearly stated in the Behaviour Management Policy.


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Homework is any form of study or activity which students are asked to do outside lesson time. Homework supports the learning taking place at school. Homework can include, but is not limited to, activities such as reading, spelling, writing, researching and creating art.

If possible, please support your child’s homework by providing:

Students who feel well-supported in their homework activities usually achieve better results at school.

Grievance Policy & Procedures

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Please see the Grievance Policy and Procedures as below
Download Grievance Policy and Procedures

Please use the form below for complements, complaints or suggestions
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Please follow the steps outlined in the following diagram to assist in resolving concerns:

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Staff Dress Code

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The Islamic College of South Australia is an Islamic school guided by the ethics and principles of the Islamic faith and offering our students excellence in education within an Islamic environment.

Modesty in dress is an important principle of Islamic teaching and this policy has been implemented to provide an education environment consistent with that teaching.


In order to provide a consistent environment that meets the needs and desires of both our students, their parents and the wider school community, this policy applies to all staff and temporary relief teachers, whether Muslim or not, when on school premises, attending school functions/excursions or interacting with the wider school community in any capacity relating to their employment by the School.

Parents, students, ex-students, visitors and the wider Muslim community are also expected to dress in a respectful manner and in accordance with the modesty guidelines in this policy when on the school premises and attending school events and functions.

Role of the School Board

The role of the School Board is to:

Role of the Principal

The role of the Principal is to:

  • Implement and maintain the dress code
  • Oversee compliance with the dress code and make determinations as to its interpretation as necessary in accordance with any directives from the School Board.
  • Ensure professional standards are adhered to at all times in order to support staff members in their professional role
  • Ensure the dress code fulfils OHS & W policy and procedures in relation to general and specific roles performed by staff members
  • Role of Staff Members

    The role of Staff Members is to:

  • Comply with this dress code when at the School and when undertaking any school-related duties or attending any school related functions/excursions or sports or other events
  • Ensure compliance with all OHS & W policies and procedures.
  • Present as professional role models to students, with an understanding that dress is one way of establishing clear teacher-student relationships
  • Requirements for Dress Code

    All staff:

  • Dress standard (including footwear) is to be neat business attire suitable for a school environment.
  • Dress is to be neat and tidy, clean and ironed at all times.
  • The College sun protection policy requires staff members to wear suitable clothing and headwear (hat or visor) to provide sun protection whilst on yard duty and other outdoor activities during Term 1 and Term 4.
  • For safety purposes all OHS & W considerations are to be fulfilled when working in specialist areas (eg aprons, protective clothing, glasses and footwear, etc)
  • Name Tags should be worn to promote good professional practice

  • Except as expressly allowed under this code, the following are not permitted:
  • Male Staff


    I feel proud Ma Sha Allah my children are going to this college where there is no discrimination of race or status, where humanity and modesty are obviously radiant, where there is no bullying and simplicity takes pride. I know there may be some other better schools for worldly education but as one of my friends says isn't it good enough if our children are educating and developing a desire and habit of saying Salah with congregation! Indeed it is good enough. Jazak Allah Khair to all the staff/ board members making efforts to blossom this school even better. May Allah give you huge rewards in this world and the hereafter.

    Muhammad Saad Durrani -- Parent

    It is with great pleasure that I am writing this testimonial for Islamic College of South Australia. Over the past 8 years my four children have been attending Islamic College and to say they have enjoyed their time there is an understatement. They have thrived in this environment. ICOSA's wonderful staff make each and every child feels being special and unique whilst providing them with excellent academic skills needed as they make transition from reception to “High School”. This is exactly what I as a parent want for my children. The genuine affection and concern that the staff show to the children make ICOSA a child’s “home away from home”. I know it is rare to find a place with all these outstanding qualities that's why I can recommend Islamic College to friends, family and anyone who wants a wonderful caring and learning environment for their children.

    Adeel Asghar Mughal

    Our daughter has been attending Islamic College Pre-Primary for six months and she absolutely loves it! She would walk herself to School if she was able to. The teachers' friendly, nurturing and professional manner helped her settle into pre-primary school routines quickly. Her skills in interpersonal relationships and communication have developed immensely. She now happily communicates with her peers and shares her wants, needs and frustrations more effectively.

    Noor Fatima